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Provider Testimonials

“On behalf the product Acyclonine MUM. Our Practice has successfully used this product for the immediate relief of our patient’s mouth ulcer and mouth lesion experience. The easy application and ability to target the areas affected is a great feature. This product has proven to be fast acting and a catalyst in the healing process. There is nothing comparable to this product and it has offered a solution to treatment of mouth lesions where there once was no option.”

Andrew S. Middleton, DMD
Pediatric Dental Group

“One of my challenges has been the treatment of aphthous ulcers and finding a medicine that worked and also had a great delivery system to be able to help my patients during this most uncomfortable time. I was given this new product Acyclonine MUM to try. I couldn’t believe the results. My patients had almost instantaneous relief and were impressed that they had that relief without having to first touch the sore area with their finger or any other applicator. One simple puff of powder placed directly over the ulcer and instant relief. When talking to my patients after using this product they also stated that they felt the lesion healed up faster than it normally would on its own. I would highly recommend the use of this product to any health care individual that find themselves treating oral lesions. If I can be of any further assistance feel free to contact me at the number listed above.”

Dr. Alan Lucas
Oak Grove Family Dentistry

“As a practicing dentist since 2004, I have seen many patients over the years suffer from the discomfort of painful oral ulcers. The lack of effective treatment options has been frustrating for me and those affected. Recently, my own family has struggled with this issue. My wife and son have endured oral ulcers for years, and it has pained me to see their discomfort. I’ve tried countless over-the-counter remedies and limited prescription medications but found little lasting relief. That changed when I learned about Acylonine MUM at the 2022 ADA conference. The three active ingredients provide proven relief, and the powder formula allows for simple, direct application to lesions. After trying it with my family, I’m thrilled to finally have an effective prescription-strength product for my patients to manage their oral ulcers. As someone who has seen firsthand the impact of these lesions, I’m grateful for better solutions like Acylonine MUM and the comfort they can provide to those suffering. I look forward to integrating this treatment option into my practice and helping more patients find relief.”

Dr. James L. Harrison, DMD
University of Louisville School of Dentistry

The above testimonials represents the opinions of the provider and is not an advertisement.

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